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Training Services

1. Training Services Where there is manpower, training is a must for high end deliverance to Suhas Enterprises clients’ requests. Deploying the right person in the apt facility management job is of utmost importance. Suhas Enterprises trains our personnel and staff to be efficient, effective, adept and well versed with all the latest technologies relevant to work domain and the needs of our priceless clients.

Suhas Enterprises inculcates our trainees on developing and implementing a full-fledged security program that meets your organisation's needs. Suhas Enterprises' personnel learn how to provide a conglomeration of tailing, videography, surveillance, patrolling etc. when the need arises. Suhas Enterprises’ staffs are taught to function without fear, risk and inconvenience.

Suhas Enterprises gives training to its various manpower including electrical maintenance staff, gardeners, carpenters, office boys, security forces and plumbers. Suhas Enterprises' carpenters are extensively trained to provide the most exquisite woodwork with adroitness. Suhas Enterprises’ plumbing staff are trained how to handle various pipe fixtures and prevent leakage.

Our pantry servicing staff are highly trained to preserve food stock and serve our clients' culinary tastes and preferences. The office staff of Suhas Enterprises include courier boys, computer operators, secretaries, telephone operators etc who are impeccably trained.

Suhas Enterprises aims to cater to a diverse customer base and serve them promptly as per their requirements. High calibre can be crystal clearly seen in Suhas Enterprises’ trainees who are constantly updated about the new rules, regulations and laws of the clients. They are inculcated with the essence of the Suhas Enterprises’ philosophy 'Under-promise, over-deliver'.