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House Keeping

1. CommercialWhen all things are equal, when all things can be bought, when all places look the same, there is something that stands out and that makes the ambience. It is the ambience and neatness of a commercial enterprise or an establishment that makes the difference. Suhas Enterprises caters to this need of the hour. Right from shops, showrooms to offices and factories, Suhas Enterprises provides state of the art housekeeping facility to all its patrons.

Moping, janitorial services, floor cleaning, post construction cleaning, foam generator for carpet and sofa shampooing are some of the avant-garde facilities offered by Suhas Enterprises in its commercial housekeeping package. We give you top quality reasonably priced housekeeping facilities. Chances are the best kept companies are best kept by Suhas Enterprises.

Suhas Enterprises’ advanced housekeeping facilities such as vacuum cleaning equipments and disinfectant materials for wash areas are a blessing to commercial establishments which chant ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’. Actions speak louder than words, the commercial housekeeping services of Suhas Enterprises stand out in their delivery rather than the often heard cleaning rhetoric in the market place.

Industries that need the upkeep of their machines such as photocopy equipment or manufacturing machinery, any kind of mechanical repair at an opportune time can find solace in Suhas Enterprises’ commercial housekeeping services.

The housekeeping services are customized to the requisite needs of our clients. Suhas Enterprises also offers top-notch commercial housekeeping services to public utility centers such as shopping and entertainment complexes. Our quality assurance is visible in each and every commercial cleaning activity that we undertake.

2. ResidentialIt is that time in contemporary history when the entire family leaves in the morning and returns in the evening. Who wants to enter a not so clean surrounding and who wants to clean the surroundings? Suhas Enterprises emerges as the knight in shining armour to lessen the burden of tiring housework. Loads of cleaning in the kitchen, living room and bathroom can be a hurdle in the running of a household. Suhas Enterprises facility management service helps residential complexes with their housekeeping.

Increasingly people do not believe in making housework a lifetime commitment because they entrust their residential responsibilities on Suhas Enterprises. Brooming, moping, washing clothes and linens, vacuuming and dusting immaculately are all our errands. Prevention is better than cure. So, Suhas Enterprises’ residential housekeeping facility provides preventive maintenance as well and not just predictive maintenance.

A vast array of residential services are offered such as removal of overtime accumulated dust, disposing waste from dustbins, drain clearing, polishing furniture, kitchen appliances and cabinets cleaning etc.